Latest Updates

The Rensselaer Libraries' proxy service has moved to a new Shibboleth authentication service. It is configured to use Duo for multifactor authentication.

Have you ever wondered where to start when you need to find scholarly resources? How to evaluate them after you do find them? How to avoid plagiarism and give credit to the original authors? How to revise your work? Join the club!

If you are faculty or staff, and you created a New York Times account through Rensselaer Libraries last year, it's time to renew your account.

With the recent cancellation of the Web of Science contract, some on campus have experienced problems logging into the EndNote service.

We have some news regarding our access to abstract and citation databases. The Rensselaer Libraries have cancelled our

Rensselaer Libraries has many services to help you master the research process:

The Rensselaer Libraries’ Catalog and accompanying services now reside on OCLC’s cloud-based platform, WorldCat Discovery, which features:

LibKey Nomad is a Google Chrome browser extension that brings resources from RPI Libraries to you wherever you are.

The Rensselaer Libraries, with help from Procurement, have negotiated a multi-year campus-wide license for access to the New York Times online. The New York Times Academic Site License program provides all Rensselaer students, faculty, and staff the ability to access on any device, on or off campus. This access is almost exactly the same experience as that of regular NY Times consumer subscribers. Once the “seat” is activated through the university registration process, you will have full access to This is a “seamless” user experience and once registration is complete, you will not have to revisit the library web page to gain access to the NY Times content and archives.
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