International Digital Preservation Day

Celebrate International Digital Preservation Day at Folsom Library’s staff room on Thursday November 30, 2017 between 2pm and 3pm!

New Photo Collection Acquired by Institute Archives

The Institute Archives has acquired a collection of black and white photographs taken by Louis B.

Architectural Collections Webpage

As part of the new Rensselaer Libraries website, we now have a new webpage for Architectural collections.  The new webpage uses newer technologies for website design and content management.  

The Post-Digital Library Symposium

The Rensselaer Libraries and the Friends of Folsom Library hosted the first Post-Digital Library Symposium on September 12, 2017.

Library Open House during FYE

The Libraries once again hosted the anual Open House event. This event is part of the greater freshman orientation week activities, providing a chance for new incoming students to learn about what the Libraries do and how we support the Institute.

Jen Monger Selected by the Art Libraries Society of North America

Congrats to Jen Monger, who has been selected by the Art Libraries Society of North America to be a member of the Membership Committee.