Signs and Posters

The posting of signs and posters, as well as the distributing of notices or other advertisements, inside library facilities requires the approval of Library Administration. No signage may be affixed to the exterior of the Folsom Library, with the exception being approved campus campaign posters, which may be displayed on the pillars outside the Folsom Library’s main entrance during Grand Marshal Week.

Acceptable Library notice examples include announcements of local and campus meetings, special seminars, lectures, concerts, etc. All acceptable notices must:

  • Be displayed or distributed only on designated Library bulletin boards and easels
  • Clearly identify sponsoring parties and show expiration dates

Unacceptable notice examples include advertisements and sales offers from commercial enterprises, or flyers which do not clearly identify the sponsoring group or person.

In addition to the bulletin boards and easels designated for more official postings, a message board for posting informal, daily communications is also available beside the second-floor center stairwell in Folsom Library. This message board – which typically includes notes regarding special club programs, or individuals’ or study groups’ study locations within the Folsom Library – is checked daily by Folsom Library staff for expired or unauthorized postings.

Library staff may remove and discard any unauthorized materials they find posted within the Folsom and Architecture Libraries.

Please direct inquiries about posting or distributing materials to the Library Service Desk by calling (518) 276-8310, or by submitting an online request.

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