Building Accessibility

The Rensselaer Libraries are committed to providing access to their materials and services in compliance with federal and state regulations. To this end, the Libraries have the following features:

Folsom Library

  • Ramps for both pedestrians and those with impaired mobility
  • Elevator located to the right of the Library Service Desk
  • Kurzweil reading machine - inquire at Service Desk for current location

Architecture Library

  • Ramp at the southeast corner of the Greene Building for both pedestrians and those with impaired mobility
  • Elevator located across from the School of Architecture office

    Any users with disabilities who may require more extensive assistance should contact the Libraries in advance by calling the Folsom Library Service Desk at (518) 276-8310, or the Architecture Library at (518) 276-6465.

Staff will:

  • Assist visually-impaired users in using on-line resources
  • Retrieve items from collections when necessary
  • Assist users who have difficulty writing by filling out forms
  • Modify usage rules and loan periods for library materials when necessary
  • Photocopy or scan a limited number of pages for users who have difficulty operating equipment
  • Assist in setting up study materials for users with limited mobility
  • Check stacks for materials when a telephone request is received from a disabled patron who has difficulty traveling to the library

Need more extensive assistance? Contact the libraries in advance:

  • Folsom Library, Service Desk -- (518) 276-8310
  • Architecture Library, Greene Bldg -- (518) 276-6465
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