Quiet Spaces, Food, and Drink

The primary mission of the Rensselaer Libraries is to support Rensselaer’s educational and research endeavors. The following policies have been adopted in order to promote this mission and to foster a vibrant intellectual and social collaborative place on campus. We ask that our patrons respect these policies.

Quiet Spaces

  • The first and second (main) floors in the Folsom Library are open, collaborative spaces. The third and fourth floors provide an environment where discussions should be subdued, both in open study areas and study rooms.
  • Library users whose study is disrupted by noise are asked first to consider approaching those who are noisy and politely request that they be quieter.
  • If necessary, individuals may contact library staff at the Library Service Desk for assistance. Individuals or groups who fail to comply with library etiquette regarding disruptive behaviors may be asked to leave the building.

Food and Drink

  • Non-messy snack foods and drinks in closed containers are permitted throughout the Folsom Library, with the exception of the Fixman Archives.
  • Messy foods – such as large sandwiches, pizza, soup, chili, etc. – and open-container drinks should be restricted to the Café on the main floor of Folsom Library.
  • Library patrons are asked to please dispose of waste properly.
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