Meeting and Study Spaces

The Folsom Library offers open seating for more than 500 people at tables and study carrels, as well as in various group study and meeting room facilities.

Much of the open seating, which is located along the perimeters of the third and fourth floors, usually offers a combination of wireless and/or Ethernet service. Study seating is also available on the first and second floors, but these areas are adjacent to lobbies and offices and are therefore not as quiet.

All library users are expected to maintain a conducive study environment by minimizing conversations, using headphones for audio listening, and holding private cell phone conversations outside or in the stairwells.

Group Study Rooms

The two group study rooms located on the third floor of the Folsom Library are available for up to three hours' use each day by any Rensselaer-affiliated group of two or more persons on a first-come, first-assigned basis. The Service Desk is responsible for the assignment and administration of these rooms.

There are also small group study rooms located on the first, third and fourth floors of Folsom Library that are left unlocked for both individuals and groups to use on a first-come, first-use basis. Near the end of the spring and fall semesters, student groups may reserve some of these rooms in advance to finish their class projects.

How to Reserve Study Rooms

Rensselaer students, faculty and staff may reserve rooms in advance by using Folsom Room Bookings.

In all cases, library staff may request that the names of all study room occupants be identified on the Group Study Reservation slip.

Claiming and Extending Reservations

Room reservations that are not claimed within the first ten minutes of a scheduled reservation period will be reassigned

Users may not request a time extension until the end of the initial reservation period. Such extensions are limited to one-hour increments and will be granted only when demand for the study rooms is low.

Group Study Room Keys

All group study room keys are issued five minutes before the start of the reservation period, and all room registrants must present a completed Group Study Reservation slip with two current Rensselaer IDs.

Room registrants must return study room keys to the Library Service Desk within five minutes of the room reservation’s expiration. For reservations expiring after 11:30 PM, the key must be returned to the Library Service Desk prior to that time, but occupants may continue to use the room until the building’s scheduled closing time. In all cases, study room keys cannot be taken from the building,

Users who return study room keys late will receive a $10.00 fine; those who lose the key will receive a $25.00 fine, plus a $10.00 processing fee. 

Conditions of Group Study Room Use

The following conditions exist for all groups who reserve study rooms:

  • The individual who registers for a group study room assumes full liability for subsequent repair costs arising from any room or equipment damage that occurs during the reservation period.
  • The Libraries assume no responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal property that is left in a study room at any time.
  • A group that reserves a study room must dispose of any waste properly and leave the room clean and orderly.
  • Study groups may not move furniture and equipment into or out of a study room without the permission of the Library Service Desk staff.
  • All study groups are expected to keep their conversation level low so as not to disturb other library users.

Individuals or groups who blatantly or repeatedly violate the above conditions of use may lose their study room privileges for the current academic semester.

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