New campus-wide license to the New York Times online

The Rensselaer Libraries, with help from Procurement, have negotiated a multi-year campus-wide license for access to the New York Times online. The New York Times Academic Site License program provides all Rensselaer students, faculty, and staff the ability to access on any device, on or off campus.  This access is almost exactly the same experience as that of regular NY Times consumer subscribers.  Once the “seat” is activated through the university registration process, you will have full access to  This is a “seamless” user experience and once registration is complete, you will not have to revisit the library web page to gain access to the NY Times content and archives.

In addition to the new campus-wide access to,  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will also have access to the value-added InEducation academic resources available at The InEducation site provides learning tools to help students develop skills in critical thinking, analysis, information literacy, writing, and communications. The InEducation resources cover subject areas including Business, Communications, Finance, Architecture, English, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, The Arts, Political Science, Religious Studies, Journalism, Career Development and more

There are also two training sessions for using the new site. Registration is available at:


What follows are instructions for registering for your access to the New York Times as well as instructions for registering for the 4-week trial access to the InEducation academic resources.

New York Times Online User Authentication/Registration Procedure:

For those signing up for New York Times Account for the first time:

For this one-time registration:

  • Click Create Account
  • Enter your RPI email address and a preferred password
  • Answer status question on whether student, faculty/staff
  • Confirmation for one year subscription should appear.

For those with existing subscriptions:

  • If you have an existing NYT (unpaid) account, DO NOTt click "Create Account" on the welcome page; instead click "Already have an account? Log in here" and log in with your existing NYT username / password. This will link your existing NYT username / password to the Rensselaer Site License.
  • If you have an existing NYT (paid) account, you will need to cancel it first, before it can be associated with the Rensselaer Site License. You must cancel through customer care: / 800-591-9233 /  or access assistance via the NYTimes Chat
    As soon as it's cancelled, that will "free up" the username so that it may be associated with the Site License (following the same process above).  There's very little lag time.

The account customizations should remain the same; only the source of the access will change.  If you had previously subscribed to newsletters, they should remain subscribed (you may need to re-subscribe if necessary).

New York Times InEducation Online User Authentication/Registration Procedure:

  • Register for access at: /trial
  • Upon registration, users will receive an email confirming your access to the website. 
  • Click link in the email confirmation message to confirm access.
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