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Class Reserves System

Welcome to the Libraries' system for listing course-related library resources. Some listed items are available only at particular Rensselaer Libraries, and others may be available only electronically. Links to faculty maintained non-LMS course pages are displayed when known. Course materials available within RPI's LMS system are not included.

Use the search boxes below to retrieve course listings.

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Course names are the official names as listed by the Registrar's office.
Enter the most unique word of the course name.
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Select a "location" to view a complete listing of courses for a specific library.

Access to third-party, licensed resources requires an RCS ID and password.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE - Most files accessible via Class Reserves are temporary facsimiles of copyrighted materials and are protected by U.S. Copyright Law. Some files are accessed directly from external sites and are available because of special licensing or other contractual agreements. In both cases accessing, displaying, downloading or printing of these files is permitted only to individual members of Rensselaer's community to facilitate their personal instructional and research activities in accordance with "fair use" guidelines.

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