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Art and Architectural History - Textbook Sets and Teaching Tools:

Posted: Aug 26, 2011

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Visual Resources Collection at Rensselaer Research Libraries

Licensed image databases for campus community only:

Archivision RPI Only "Archivision" is an educational image resource for architecture, urban design, garden landscape, landscape architecture, and public art. Rensselaer Libraries has acquired the base package of the Archivision Digital Archive which is comprised of 16,000 images with extensive data. According to descriptions on their web site, the "Archive's Base Collection is a core architecture collection representing major Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, 18th & 19th Century and Modern sites selected from our more than 100,000 slide archive."

Saskia Ltd. Cultural Documentation RPI Only Saskia Ltd. Cultural Documentation provides high quality digital images of works of art for scholarly study and research. Rensselaer Libraries has licensed approximately 3400 images from Saskia that are mounted on our campus-wide network and are for use by the Rensselaer community. The following are some of the sets of digital images we've purchased to accompany art history instruction.

Ancient Art vol. 1, Ancient Greek Architecture - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2201 (132 images)
Ancient Art vol. 4, Roman Architecture - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2205 (255 images)
Contemporary American Architecture - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2410 (88 images)
Frederick Hartt's History of Italian Renaissance Art - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2405 (199 images)
Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 11th edition - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2412 (415 images)
Italian Renaissance Art, part II - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2406 (513 images)
Japanese Architecture - Davis Images - D011 (33 images)
Masterpieces I: MoMA - Davis Images - D008 (56 images)
Text Book Superset - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-TEXT (1780 images)
US Revival Architecture - Davis Images - D006 (83 images)

RPI Only indicates those databases restricted to Rensselaer users.

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