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ARCH 2110 The Building and Thinking of Architecture

Posted: Mar 21, 2011

Building Fundamental Library Skills: Outline of Workshop for Architecture Undergraduates

Where do I Start?--Navigating RensSearch: RPI Libraries' Web Gateway

How do I find Books, Reports, Journals or Magazines, Government Documents, Maps, Electronic materials, Visual and Audio recordings, DVDs and other resources in the Libraries? Where are they shelved or how do I connect?

Requesting items through other services:

How do I find Reference Tools such as Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Directories both in the Libraries and on the Internet?

Reference Tools

How do I find Journal/Magazine Articles on a Topic? What is a periodical? (What are the differences between periodicals such as scholarly journals, trade journals, popular magazines?)

General Full Text Journal Resources on RensSearch:

Architecture Specific Databases on RensSearch:

Art Specific Databases on RensSearch:

Accessing Full Text Resources Using SFX

How do I Locate Images and Multimedia?

FYS 1/08

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