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Posted: Dec 16, 2010

Database Description:
Ei Compendex is the electronic equivalent to printed Engineering Index, containing references and abstracts to over 5000 engineering journals and conferences. About half the citations (from 2600 journals and conferences) include abstracts and indexing in the records. The highest percentages of journal literature are in the fields of chemical and process engineering (15%), computers and data processing (12%), applied physics (11%), and electronics and communications (12%) In addition Compendex includes civil engineering (6%) and mechanical engineering (6%). Online coverage is from 1970 to the present, and files are updated weekly.

Note: To access their online User Manuals (from the FAQ page), you must be using either IE (with Adobe's website integration turned off) or, if you use Netscape, an older version of Adobe Acrobat. We have found that 3.0 will work, but 4.0 will not.



Display Results

  • After entering your search and clicking the Search button, the number of items found will display just below the search area (on the dark blue bar), and the first 25 results will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on Abstract to see the full record for any item
  • To see only the titles of interest to you:
    • Begin at the results list
    • Click in the box by each title of interest
    • After selecting all those of interest, choose Abstract (or Citation or Tagged Record) from the Selected Results pulldown menu. Click on View.

Full Text Options

After each abstract there is a heading (light blue bar) "Full Text Options." More will be added in the future, but when a link appaers in the section, it will open the article (from the publisher's site) in another window.

Many other articles are available electronically, even if there is not a link. Check the library's catalog and the e-journals page to see out current subscriptions.

E-mailing Results to yourself

  • Select records to be e-mailed by checking the box next to the desired records or click on the hyperlink Select All Shown (which selects records currently displayed). If additional records need to be viewed use the record range pull-down menu to view and select additional records. View the records using the “Select Results” feature, which will display those selected records on the same web page.
  • You may e-mail the records displayed on the screen to yourself.
    • Begin by selecting the File pulldown menu, and choosing Send Page
    • A mail window will appear, put your complete e-mail address in the "to:" line, this includes the, and give the message a subject.
      If you get an error message, you need to input Mail Identity information. This can be done by choosing Preferences under the Edit menu; choosing Identity withing the Mail & Groups option, and filling in the form.
    • The text of the page will be automatically "quoted" after the URL which appears.
  • You may add any additional comments to the message prior to mailing, and then choose the Send Now button.

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