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Posted: Sep 13, 2010

Folsom Library now provides access to Rensselaer's wireless network, a secure, reliable, and efficient infrastructure. This new wireless architecture is the same as that available in the VCC, the Student Union, DCC Great Hall, the fourth floor of Amos Eaton, and CII 4050.

To use this service, you must have an 802.11b compatible wireless card installed (T30 Rensselaer laptops came with this) and VPN client software. You must also have a valid RCS userid and password. Access to the secured wireless network requires authentication to a local VPN server before campus network and Internet access is available. Mac users: AirPort is based on the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard and is Wi-Fi certified for interoperability with other 802.11b-compliant products (including PCs).

Access is now available on all floors of Folsom Library, and in the Conference Room and the Fischbach Room. Here are some maps showing the strength of the signal:

Green areas get the best reception, yellow is good, red is moderate. White areas are marginal.

Wireless access is also now available in the Architecture Library.

Information on the VPN software is available on the Wireless Network web page at ARC.

In addition to wireless service, the Libraries also provide over 200 Internet ports for access. Most of these ports are located along the outside walls of the third and fourth floors and in the group study rooms.

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