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Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Policies For Rensselaer Users

Posted: Feb 9, 2017

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery tries to obtain published materials which are not part of Rensselaer Libraries' collections for Rensselaer faculty, staff and students as well as for researchers affiliated with the Rensselaer Incubator Center or Rensselaer Technology Park. Whenever possible, the Libraries will try to obtain electronic copies of documents.

Use of Borrowed Materials - Lending libraries typically provide 30 day loan periods for books counted from their shipping dates. Requests for loan extensions must be made to lending libraries 1 - 3 days in advance of loan expirations; however, loan extensions are frequently not granted by lending institutions. Users cannot request loan renewals via the ILLiad system after a loan's due date has expired.

Researchers using materials borrowed from other libraries must comply with the conditions of use set by the lending institutions. The Rensselaer Libraries are not authorized to modify the rules set by cooperating libraries, e.g. overruling "Building Use Only restrictions."

Late fines or replacement costs assessed by lending institutions are the responsibility of the user. Borrowing privileges at the Rensselaer Libraries will be suspended until delinquent loans and outstanding bills are resolved for materials borrowed from other libraries.

Use of Copies - Researchers may keep photocopies of journal articles or other copyrighted material in accordance with US Copyright Law and associated "FAIR USE" guidelines. Use and retention of electronic copies provided to researchers, however, may differ. Researchers are advised to read any "Conditions of Use" statements accompanying such documents. Select Highlights of Copyright Law for more detailed information about using copyright protected information.

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