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Join the Mixed Reality Quest Team!

Posted: Jun 2, 2017

Are you on campus for the summer? Are you interested in mobile apps and/or game design? Join the Mixed Reality Design Quest team and brainstorm ideas for Rensselaer's forthcoming mixed or augmented reality search application. Join your peers in a creative endeavor that will shape the future of mixed reality (MR) on campus. Besides gaining first hand experience of the design process, participants will also compete for prizes.

The Mixed Reality Design Quest is a participatory design workshop that will contribute to the development of Rensselaer's first MR application for library orientation to Folsom and other campus libraries. Our goal is to empower Rensselaer students to take their learning into their own hands through an immersive game that introduces the skills every student needs to conduct scholarly research. We welcome students from across the university to join us for this exciting frontier of learning with instructional technology.

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