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Posted: Aug 21, 2014

What is Quick Search?

Quick Search is an easy way to start your search for articles, books, and more.

What is included in Quick Search?

Quick Search searches:

  • a vast collection of articles and other materials (including many available in full text)
  • content from the Rensselaer Libraries' catalog (books, e-books, media, journals, etc.)
  • content from Rensselaer Digital Collections

Quick Search searches a majority of the library's full text content, but it doesn't include every article you can access through the Rensselaer Libraries. You can find additional resources by searching a database specific to your discipline - try the subject resources tab, or view a list of all article databases.

Quick Search also does not currently search these resources:

How do I search Quick Search?

Quick Search can be accessed from the Libraries' website. After you enter your initial search in the box and click the "quick search" button, your results will be displayed in the Quick Search interface. Use the limiters on the left side of the screen to refine your search - you can limit by year, full text availability, peer review status, subject, and more.

Quick Search is based on EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), and has a similar interface to other EBSCO databases you may have used. You may find this video tutorial helpful, and help pages are also available through EBSCO.

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