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Digitized copies of Rensselaer Magazine are now available back a full 20 years, with fully searchable text.

Posted: Feb 1, 2013

Rennselaer Magazine      

The Rensselaer Libraries are happy to announce digitized .pdf copies of Rensselaer are now available back a full 20 years (and growing), with fully searchable text. Interested in an article about the alum who testified in the Anita Hill hearings (March 1992) or research on robotics in surgery being done at RPI 14 years ago (June 1998)? Did you know RPI alums invented baking powder and the Reach toothbrush (March 1994)? Would you like the story of the first RPI alum to go into space (September 2001)? How about the history of women at RPI (March 1992)? Go to the Rensselaer Alumni Magazine collection at (select Sort by Date for chronological order, upper right).

Current issues of Rensselaer, the alumni magazine, are published by the Office of Strategic Communications and External Relations. They can be accessed at and

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