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Ebooks 101

Posted: Apr 5, 2017


The libraries subscribe to a number of ebook databases and also purchase titles directly from suppliers. In addition, we participate in a consortium of NY State Libraries called ConnectNY which has also been jointly purchasing ebook titles. Most of these titles can be found through our online catalog.

We have just published a web-based guide to various ebook vendors: Ebook Subscription Vendors and Policies and will try to keep this guide as current as possible. Changes in the technology happen frequently, so please contact the library staff if you have additional questions.

Tips for Searching the Catalog

Select the "books" tabs in RensSearch and once you have the "Find Books" online catalog search box, select "e-books" in the first drop-down box and then search by Keyword Author, Keyword Title, or Keyword Subject.

From the main catalog, one can execute a search and after the result is retrieved click the "Modify Search" button at the top and then choose Material Type = EBOOKS, and re-run the search.

Interlibrary Loan (Illiad)

For the most part, electronic books, unlike print titles, are unavailable for interlibrary loan. This is due largely to the licensing agreements put in place with publishers and vendors of ebooks. Ebooks purchased through ConnectNY, however are listed in our online catalog and shared among the various libraries in the consortium.

Downloading to Mobile Devices:

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