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STSS - 4250 Bioethics in History

Posted: Jan 7, 2015

STSS 4250 Bioethics in History

Connie Fritz
Science Librarian
3rd floor Library Rm 337C

I.Basics you need to know – the Foundations

1. Interlibrary Loan –
Register to use ILL when you need resources (books, journal articles, conference
proceedings etc.) the library doesn’t have.  Takes an average of 3 days.

2. Connect NY – look for books that we don’t have but are available through the
consortium and delivered to Folsom in one to two days.  Can use this system if we have a
book but it is checked out.

3. Class Reserves - access from library home page (top right) by course name or instructor.

4. Catalog - lists the books, periodicals, government documents, and archives & manuscript collections owned by the Libraries. The catalog does not provide access to specific articles in journals, magazines and newspapers.

Reading the catalog:
 Books from our library [get 16 weeks loan]
        Due [date]  unavailable; may  put a hold on book
        BILLED book is overdue BILLED AND PAID book may or may not be reordered
        HOLD someone is waiting to take book out after it is returned.  First patron gets
                      book for 3 weeks only.
        IN PROCESS book has been ordered, received and is awaiting cataloging
        FOLSOM RESERVE request for book at service desk, can not be checked out
                                                ( 1 hour  unless more time is requested by professor)
        ARCH LIB Architecture Library; third floor of the Greene building
        FOLSOM REFERENCE on the second floor, can not be checked out


II. How to find journal articles:

1. Annual Reviews Provides a broad overview.We have all the printed versions available electronically.This resource as its name implies, reviews research in various disciplines.

Look for: ethic*
Select: Abstract
At Search Results - Sort by: Most Recent [on top right]

2. Web of Science -
Journal database mostly used to find articles more current than what you have. Instead of using a bibliography and going back this allows you to go forward and find articles that cited in their bibliography your journal article.

Look for: [separate boxes]
     "genetic engineering"
Select: Topic
Timespan: 2006 to present
Select Relevance - box on right
Look for: journals that cited Prof. HL Ehrlich's article "Microbes and metals" in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Dec. 1997.

3 Academic Search Premier (Ebsco)

Look for: [separate boxes]
Select: Abstract
Publication Date from: 2006 to 2012


III. Newspaper

1. New York Times

At the Advanced Search Screen
Look for:
    genetic* altered food*
Select: Abstract


IV. Web sites

1.Bioethics Resources on the Web (NIH)

Click on : Specific Topics (on left)
Click on: Use of Human Tissue (under Research Ethics)
Click on: Frequently Asked Questions about research using Human Specimens, Cell Lines,or Data.


Click on : Advanced Search (on right)
Look for: cloning

3.Institute of Medicine of the National Academies
Can download free PDF. Need to provide e-mail address.

In Keyword Search box: nanotechnology and ethics

4.Hastings Center
Need free registration to gain access to full-text article. We subscribe to Hastings Center Report - look in catalog.

Advanced search (on right)
Look for: embryonic stem cells [exact phrase]

5.Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Click on : Bioethics Research Library at Georgetown (on right)
Click on Search Website (bottom of page)
Search term: cognitive enhancement

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