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Posted: May 11, 2016

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"Charles Darwin: A Life in Science, 1809 - 1882

1/9/2004 Mark Pattison "Reflections of the Outgoing Mayor of Troy"
2/3/2004 Michael D. Sofka "Spam, Spyware, Viruses and Spam: A Gentle Guide to Malware"
3/15/2004 Chris Ballantyne "The Hudson River PCB Cleanup: An Environmentalist's Perspective"
4/9/2004 Randy Rumpf "The Art of Creative Communications"
5/7/2004 Ed Dague "Ed Dague's Early 1960's Experiences"
9/17/2004 Diane Litynski "Anorexia Nervosa - The Ultimate Road Race"
11/5/2004 Earl A. Zimmerman "Dr. Alzheimer Goes Molecular: Recent Developments in Alzheimer's Research"
12/3/2004 Dr. Michael Halloran "Picturesque Patriotism: Tourists at the Saratoga Battlefield in the 19th Century"
1/20/2005 Katia Haskins "Russia and Russians Confront Their Soviet History"
2/11/2005 Dr. Stephen E. Wiberly "No Ivory Tower"
3/11/2005 Dr. Gill Kandell "The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Curse the Deaf!"
4/8/2005 Dr. Merritt Abrash "Utopian Studies"
10/15/2005 Lou Padulla "New Medicare Options"
11/11/2005 Amy Faca and Lynne Kopka "Troy's Historic Architecture: Recent Developments in Preservation and Rehabilitation"
12/9/2005 Robert Engel "Doodles, Drafts and Designs: Industrial Drawings from the Smithsonian"
1/13/2006 Dr. William Brower "Variegated Remarks on a Trip to Norway via London"
2/10/2006 Dr. Michael Hanna "Why Biology? Literacy & Pedagogy"
3/29/2006 Dr. Hollis Seamon "Moving in Mysterious Ways: Reading/Writing Detective Fiction"
5/12/2006 Jorge Vidal "Renewal of Folsom Library"
9/8/2006 Ellen Sinopoli and Dr. Frances Bronet "Spill Out!"
10/13/2006 Connie Fritz "Impressions of the Holy Land"
11/10/2006 Sid Fleisher "Alley Improvement Project"
12/8/2006 Dr. Henry Bungay "Personal Computer Entertainment: Music, Videos, Images"
1/12/2007 Dr. Robert McNaughton "Where Do We Go From Here?: A Review of Two Recent Publications About the War in Iraq"
2/9/2007 Dr. Paul Hohenberg "The State of the U.S. Economy"
3/9/07 Jeanne M. Keefe "Irish Immigration to Troy During the 19th Century: A Pictorial Essay"
5/11/07 Judith R. Saidel "High-Tech Growth and Community Well-Being: Lessons Learned From Austin, TX"
9/14/07 Steve Muller "The USS Monitor and Troy"
10/12/07 Dr. Richard Siegel "Nanostructured Materials - Research at Rensselaer"
11/09/07 Kristen Frederick "Philanthropy for All: How Community Foundations Can Help All of Us Leave Our Mark"
12/14/07 Dr. Larry Kagan "Discovering a New Visual Language in Steel and Shadow"
2/8/08 Pete Shaver "Live and Let Die: Famous, Infamous, Favorite, and Unusual Gravestones in New York State"
3/14/08 Christine Dixon "Wiawaka: The Great Spirit in Woman"
4/11/08 Laura Kratt "A Victorian Tradition in Modern Times"
5/9/08 Dr. Paul Hohenberg "The State of the American Economy"
9/12/08 Kathy Sheehan "The Resourceful Women of Rensselaer County"
10/10/08 Jim Moore '62 "Linked to Lincoln: Ada Hurd, Emma Willard and the Rise of Women's Rights"
11/14/08 Don and Diane Bell "Take Me to the Kasbah!"
2/13/09 Kaitlin TeBordo Wood "Conditions on the Ground in Zimbabwe"
3/13/09 Arturo Estrella "The Economic and Financial Crisis: Will It Ever End?"
5/8/09 David Griggs-Janower and Sharon Roy "Choral Music: It's Not What You Think!"
10/9/09 Wallace Altes "Economic Changes in the Capital Region/Tech Valley Over the Past 20 Years"
12/11/09 Dr. Michael Halloran “Mr. Cole’s Mythical River: Hudson River School Paintings Viewed from the Bottom of the Poestenkill Falls”
2/12/10 Michael Wacholder “The Historic Dutch Barn at the Rensselaer Technology Park”
3/19/10 Amy Williams “The Arts Center of the Capital Region”
4/9/10 Dr. Evan Douglis “Digital Alchemy”
5/9/10 Dr. Roland Hummel “My Years with George Rickey”
9/10/10 Tom Ryan '63 “The Bow Bridge Project in Hadley, NY”
10/1/10 Don and Lois Porter “Eleven Winters in Latin America”
12/2/10 Lee Sheldon “How I Spent My Lifelong Vacation"
2/11/11 Donna Wayner “Hear What You've Been Missing: How to Prevent and Manage Hearing Loss"
4/1/11 John L. Carey and Kelly Strack “Crime Scene Investigations: Reality versus CSI"
5/13/11 Bob Mayo “Citizen Weather Observer Program"
9/16/11 Dr. Fran Berman "Sustaining an Information-Driven World"
10/14/11 Dr. David Mendonca "Fado: A View From Lisbon"
11/11/11 Edward Chevrette "Wings of Fortune"
12/9/11 Sara Foss "Good Stories Are Everywhere"
2/10/12 Jim Evans "Moving Toward the Light--One Family's Journey into Solar Power"
3/9/12 Dr. Daniel Lewis "Fuel Cells and Their Role in Electrochemical Energy Conversion"
4/13/12 Bob Mayo “Granville Hicks: The Man, His Books, and the Controversy”
5/11/12 Brandon Graham "Amateur Radio: A Beginning"
9/14/12 Kathleen Helfrich '68, '96 "Amos Eaton's Land"
10/12/12 Tom Whalen “How Are You Using Linkedin? What’s New, What Works and Why Should I Care?”
11/9/12 Chuck Boylen “The Global Dilemma With Invasive Aquatic Species and the Present and Future Prospects for Lake George ”
12/7/12 Jim Knowlton “Athletics at RPI - An Inspiring Story!”
2/8/13 Stacy Pomeroy Draper “The Great Fire of Troy”
3/8/13 Jim Bonesteel and Lawrence Howard “Rensselaer Plateau Alliance"
4/12/13 Trudy J. Hanmer "'Wrought With Steadfast Will' and The Historic Connections Between Emma Willard and Rensselaer"
5/10/13 Bram van Heuveln "Visual Reasoning: Visual Interfaces for Logical Reasoning"
9/13/13 Kenneth Miller “Factors Leading to the American Civil War”
10/11/13 Janice Naylor "Going the Self-Publishing Route: One Woman's Journey"
11/8/13 Paul Stewart “People of Courage, People of Hope, Seekers of Justice: The Underground Railroad Revisited”
12/6/13 Steve Muller "Troy Iron and the USS Monitor"
3/14/14 Zackery Belanger "Case Studies in Acoustic Architecture"
4/11/14 Don Bell "Money Life$avers: What We All Need to Know About Money"
5/9/14 William Gill '03, '11 "Photographing Trains at Night"
9/12/14 Judith Barnes '71, '84 "Celebrating a Non-traditional Life"
11/14/14 Dr. Paul Hohenberg "Book Review: Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty"
12/19/14 Kathryn Sheehan "Where Family and Friends Gathered in Song: The History of the Fox Hollow Folk Festival"
2/6/15 Mike Sofka "How to Ensure Your Email is Trapped as Spam"
3/13/15 Michael Oatman "My Bibliomania: 30 Years of Art and Source Material"
4/10/15 Jenna Peterson Riley "The Mysteries of the Mabee Farm: Uncovering the Story of a 300 Year Old Farmstead"
5/15/15 Michael Barrett "The Hudson-Mohawk Region: Silicon Valley of the Nineteenth Century"
9/11/15 David Borton "Solar Powered Cargo Boats--Design, Building, and Operation"
10/2/15 Mark Bodnar "Albany Rural Cemetery in the Civil War"
11/13/15 Michael Halloran "Stories of the Revolution, As Told on the Walls of the Saratoga Victory Monument"
12/11/15 Michael Sofka "A Visit to the Land of Fire and Ice"
2/12/16 Charles Carletta "The Philosophy, History and Impact of the American Legal System: A Global Perspective -- Part 1"
3/11/16 Charles Carletta "The Philosophy, History and Impact of the American Legal System: A Global Perspective -- Part 2"
4/8/16 Margaret Brodie and Suzanne Hagadorn "Cancer Screenings--Common Myths and Facts"
5/6/16 P. Thomas Carroll "Charles Darwin: A Life in Science, 1809 - 1882"

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