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Posted: Feb 27, 2011

Rensselaer Only indicates a resource for which access is restricted to current Rensselaer students, faculty and staff, and walk-in users of the Libraries. If you are accessing such a database via a non-Rensselaer Internet Service Provider, you will be prompted to use your RCS ID and password or library account to log in.

Business Source Premier Rensselaer Only
Enter Country Name in Search box. Select Country Report from pull down menu. Select from variety of search results - Reports, Forecasts, Conditions, and Risk Summary.

Mergent Online Rensselaer Only
Click Basic Search tab at top of page. Select Country from pulldown. Click Search button.

CIA World Factbook

Doing Business in ... (The World Bank Home)

IMF Country Information

UNdata Country Profile

See also International Business Statistics

Maintained by Colette Holmes, Management Librarian, Folsom Library.

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