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Posted: Oct 9, 2015

Stay Current

Newspapers and news radio

New York Times: homepage* or fulltext articles via RPI Libraries
Wall Street Journal: homepage* or fulltext articles via RPI Libraries
National Public Radio
BBC News

*Can't access an article at or
Access the library's subscriptions: New York Times and Wall Street Journal.
Search for the title of the article you want to read in the search box.

Many news sources also offer RSS feeds, blogs, Twitter feeds, or podcasts (see below). You can also follow them on Facebook.

Blogs and RSS feeds

An RSS reader like Google Reader makes it easy to keep up with the blogs and other websites you're interested in. What's RSS?

Many news sites make their content available through RSS. Try subscribing to some of the New York Times Times Topics RSS Feeds (on the right of the linked page).

  • Type a keyword into the box and click on a suggested term to view the feed.
  • If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you'll have an option to subscribe to the feed directly from the feed page. Alternatively, you can always copy/paste the URL into your RSS reader manually. (Use the big red "Subscribe" button in Google Reader.
  • You might be interested in these feeds: Innovation News, Inventions and Patents, Education and Schools

Not sure which blogs would be useful? Google lets you choose from pre-selected "bundles" of blogs to start with.

  • Sign into Google Reader
  • Under "Explore, click on "View all Recommendations"
  • Click the "Browse" tab.
  • Under "Bundles from Google", click "View all 449"
  • Choose several bundles (Education? Technology? Healthcare?) to subscribe to.

Also check out the blogs at the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.


New York Times: main feed or all feeds
Wall Street Journal
National Public Radio News
BBC News


New York Times
Wall Street Journal
National Public Radio
BBC News
Podcasts on iTunes: News and politics or all topics

Saved searches / alerts

Saved searches (often called alerts) are one of the most powerful ways to stay current once you've narrowed down your topic. Run a search once, and then have new results for that search sent to you as they appear!

Google Alerts

Google Scholar Alerts
Run your search in Google Scholar, then click "Create Email Alert" at the top of the page.

Most databases (like the ones mentioned below) also have alert functions - but it's different in each database. Ask a librarian if you're having trouble finding it.

Some e-journals also allow you to create email alerts or subscribe to RSS feeds of their content.

For example, try signing up to be alerted of new articles for:

Find Articles (academic journals and popular publications)

Not everything is in Google! You should also look in library databases, especially for academic articles (written for experts by experts).

If you're looking for articles on.. Start with... Then try...
A wide variety of topics
(including articles from both academic journals and magazines for a general audience)
Academic Search Premier Gale General Onefile
LexisNexis Academic
Education ERIC More education databases
Sustainability and the environment ProQuest Multi-databases / Ecology More databases on sustainability and the environment
Medicine MEDLINE/PubMed More medicine databases
Another topic? Browse library resources by subject area
or view a list of all article databases.

Found an article you want, but the full text isn't there? The library can get you almost any article you want, at no cost to you.

If you see the image of SFX @ RPI button button or the text "Get it @ RPI", click it to see if the library has access to the article elsewhere. If the Get it @ RPI menu says we don't have access, use the links in the menu to check the library catalog for a print copy of the article or request the article through interlibrary loan. More information about Get it @ RPI.

Access an E-journal

  • Go to the libraries' website. You can also link to it from RPInfo.
  • Type a journal title, like Wall street journal, in the box.
  • Click on the e-journals dropdown box. Click on "title starts with".
  • The alphabetical e-journal list is returned. Choose your journal (For the Wall Street journal, we want the third option, The Wall Street journal. Eastern edition.
  • In the small window that pops up, under Full-text Options, click on one of the “GO” buttons.
  • If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to authenticate. (This lets the database provider know that you’re affiliated with RPI and should have access to our subscription.) Use your RCS ID and password to authenticate. (This is the same username and password you use to access your RPI email.)
  • The journal page in the database you selected opens in a new window. On this page, you can browse issues, or search for a specific topic.

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