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Posted: Nov 10, 2015

The Rensselaer Libraries' primary function is to support the teaching, research and scholarly activities of Rensselaer faculty, students and staff.

Public Access
The libraries are open to the general public. A Rensselaer ID card is required to open the front doors of Folsom library. Those without an ID card can enter by using the intercom button immediately outside the doors. Members of the general public may be asked to show a picture ID.

Borrowing of books or other materials and other equipment is restricted to members of the Rensselaer community. For more information, see Borrowing Policies.

Library computers are provided in support of Rensselaer's educational and research missions. Use of this equipment for other purposes is not permitted. All library users are expected to adhere to Rensselaer's policies on Electronic Citizenship . Access to library computers by members of the Rensselaer community takes precedence over access by the general public.

Access Rules
  • Individuals may be required to show or deposit an acceptable form of identification. This may be
    • An unexpired Rensselaer or other college ID
    • An unexpired driver's license
  • Minors 16 years of age or under not accompanied by an adult may be asked to leave the library.
  • A quiet study atmosphere is expected in study and meeting rooms, reading and stack areas at all times.
  • The third and fourth floors are geared toward individual study. Group study is more appropriate on the first and second floors
  • Individuals are expected to leave promptly at closing time, in emergencies, and during evacuation drills.
  • With the exception of guide dogs, no animals are permitted inside library facilities.

Emergency Evacuation and Fire Drills
An electronic horn signals emergency evacuations. All library users and staff are required to exit library buildings by the nearest designated exit. New York State law requires periodic fire drills.

Security Alarms
Library materials are protected by an electronic security system. When the system's alarm sounds, the person exiting must return to the Service Desk to permit Library staff to determine the cause of the alarm. If unauthorized library materials are discovered, the incident is reported to the appropriate administrative authority for disciplinary action. Such action may include, but not be limited to, loss of library privileges, disciplinary warning, disciplinary probation, expulsion from the Institute, or legal prosecution.

Closing Time Signal
Closing time is announced over the intercom 30 minutes beforehand. At that time group study room keys and class reserve materials must be returned. This is also "last call" for borrowing books and other materials; users will have 15 minutes to check items out before the Service Desk closes.

Late Night Study Hours
No desk services are available during late night study hours when only Building Safety Monitors are on duty. A public announcement is also made 5 minutes before final building closing by Public Safety officers directing everyone to exit the building.

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