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Posted: Nov 18, 2010

How do I log on?
First time users need to log in with their RCS id and password (the same pair that you use to access RPI email.). Those who have used the system before can continue to use their old password. If you want to reset your account so that you can use your RCS id and password you need to contact ILL-support.

Does this cost anything?
The library subsidizes ILLiad requests for Rensselaer Faculty, Staff, and Students, so most of the time there is no charge for this service. Some hard-to-get items may have costs that exceed our subsidy, and in those cases you will have to pay. When you make a request you can specify how much you are willing to pay if the item turns out to be unusually expensive to obtainb. You can even set the amount to '0' to specify that you only want the item if it is free.
Employees of companies located in either Rensselaer's Incubator Center or Rensselaer Technology Park who are not otherwise affiliated with Rensselaer can use the ILLiad service but their costs are not subsidized.
In order to pay for ILLiad requests that exceed or are not covered by the susbidy you will need to create an account by clicking the "change account"option located at the bottom of ILLiad's Main Menu screen. If you specify that you only want items that are fully covered by the subsidy you do not need to create an account.

How long does it take?
Times for delivery vary greatly and depend on how many libraries have the item and where it has to be obtained from. Articles are quickest because they are often delivered as PDFs. Books take longer because the physical item has to be delivered through the mail. If you are looking for a book you should always check Connect NY first, since they have a much faster turn around time (usually three business days).

How long do I get to keep books?
The loan period is determined by the library that we get the book from. Generally the loan period is around 30 days.

How do I renew books?
You can renew items that are checked out by clicking the Checked Out Items link in the left column of the ILLiad screen. This will bring up a list of items that are currently on loan to you. A renew button will appear beside books that are eligible for renewal. You cannot renew a book once it is overdue. In order to get the maximum loan time for a book you should renew right before it comes due, since the renewal period is calculated from the day the renewal request is made.

Where is my book/article? Is it on the way?
You can check on the progress of a renewal request at any time by clicking on the "Outstanding Requests" link in the left column of the ILLiad screen. This will take you to a screen that allows you to find out whether your request has been processed yet, if our library is waiting to hear back from the library that owns the requested item, or if the item is on it's way.

Do you keep records of my requests?
A record of your ILLiad requests is stored for as long as you are affiliated with Rensselaer. You can access your request history by clicking on the "History Requests" link in the left column of the ILLiad screen.

Can I download the article I requested?
Most articles are delivered in the pdf format.

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