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New Biology Graduate Students Library Orientation

Posted: Aug 24, 2012

New Biology Graduate Students Library Orientation

Connie Fritz
Science Librarian
3rd floor Library Rm 337C


I. Basics you need to know – the Foundations

1. Interlibrary Loan –
Register to use ILL when you need resources (books, journal articles, conference
proceedings etc.) the library doesn’t have.  Takes an average of 3 days.

For Graduate Students - can request to have a print journal pulled, scanned and the article sent as a PDF.

2. Connect NY – look for books that we don’t have but are available through the
consortium and delivered to Folsom in two to three days.  Can use this system if we have a
book but it is checked out.

3. Class Reserves - access from library home page (top right) by course name or instructor.

4. Catalog - lists the books, periodicals, government documents, and archives & manuscript collections owned by the Libraries. The catalog does not provide access to specific articles in journals, magazines and newspapers.


How to find journal articles:

1. ScienceDirect -
(almost all Full-text; mostly published by Elsevier)

2. Medline (EBSCOhost) -
Easier and more efficient than PubMed. [Librarian opinion]
How to search using two options: keywords and MESH.

3. ProQuest - Biology Databases

ProQuest Multi-databases / Botany (Click here)
Searches these ProQuest databases: Biotechnology Research Abstracts; and Plant Science.

ProQuest Multi-databases / Ecology (Click here)
Searches these ProQuest databases: Ecology Abstracts; Environment Abstracts ; and Sustainability Science Abstracts.

ProQuest Multi-databases / Genetics (Click here)
Searches these ProQuest databases: Genetics Abstracts; Nucleic Acid Abstracts; & Oncogenes and Growth Factors Abstracts.

Proquest Multi-databases / Marine Biology (Click here)
Searches these ProQuest databases: Aquaculture Abstracts (ASFA); Biological Sciences and Living Resources (ASFA 1); and Marine Biotechnology Abstracts (ASFA).

ProQuest Multi-databases / Microbiology (Click here)
Searches these ProQuest databases: Algology, Mycology & Protozoology Abstracts; Bacteriology Abstracts; Immunology Abstracts; Industrial and Applied Microbiology Abstracts; & Virology and AIDS Abstracts.

4. Web of Science -
Journal database mostly used to find articles more current than what you have. Instead of using a bibliography and going back this allows you to go forward and find articles that cited in their bibliography your journal article.

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