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BCBP 4310 - Genetic Engineering

Posted: Jan 7, 2015

Genetic Engineering
BCBP – 4310
Harry Roy

Connie Fritz
Science Librarian
3rd floor Library Rm 337C

 This class will focus on using library resources to obtain information needed for research
projects and research papers.  Our class will by no means cover all library resources but
will focus on those areas necessary for this class and future research needs both academically and professionally.


I. Basics you need to know – the Foundations


1. Interlibrary Loan –
Register to use ILL when you need resources (books, journal articles, conference
proceedings etc.) the library doesn’t have.  Takes an average of 3 days.


2. Connect NY – look for books that we don’t have but are available through the
consortium and delivered to Folsom in one to two days.  Can use this system if we have a
book but it is checked out.



II.  Background information – overview of a topic before narrowing and getting more
specific with journal articles and other sources of information.

1..  AccessScience


2. Annual Reviews Another place to look to provide a broad overview.  We have all the
printed versions available electronically.  This resource as its name implies, reviews
research in various disciplines.


IIISources for Journal Information:

Folsom library has many databases devoted to journal searches.  To obtain a list with a
brief explanation visit
For this class we will focus on:
                                         Science Direct [Elsevier]


And    Sci-Finder Scholar excellent source for chemistry and medical information
(Remember to log off)


IV Finding more current sources of information

Web of Science—database used to find citing articles (pick an article and search to find if
anyone has cited it – looking for more current articles).
{Choose an older article – 1998 or 1999} (Address: Rensselaer Polytech Inst)
(Remember to log off – could tie up the site for 15 min)  



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