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IHSS 1964 - Minds & Machines

Posted: Feb 5, 2015

IHSS 1964 - Minds & Machines

Connie Fritz
Science Librarian
3rd floor Library Rm 337C


I. Basics you need to know – the Foundations

1. Interlibrary Loan –
Register to use ILL when you need resources (books, journal articles, conference
proceedings etc.) the library doesn’t have.  Takes an average of 3 days.

2. Connect NY – look for books that we don’t have but are available through the
consortium and delivered to Folsom in 3 to 4 days.  Can use this system if we have a
book but it is checked out.

3. APA Style Guide to Electronic References -
Expanded and updated from the Electronic Resources section of the fifth edition of the Publication Manual.


II.   Specific resources for your class

1. Encyclopedias for overview, background and general understanding

Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy
Search: Cartesian - scroll down to Cartesian dualism

Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Search: Materalism; Locke, John, Materialism
Mother lode 8 vols. Paper encyclopedia Library Use Only B41.E5 (3rd floor of library)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Search: Materialist Look at Dualism (2nd page)

Concise Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Search: Locke, John
Search title in catalog by title (ebrary title)

2. Journal Articles using the following Databases:


Using PsycINFO you may also find books

The above databases can be searched as a group using EBSCOhost.

Search: machine intelligence in the Abstract
Limit by dates: 1990 to present
Sort : by relevance

Search: personal identity in the Title
Limit by dates: 1998 to present
Sort : by relevance

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