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Using EndNote Web

Posted: Jun 13, 2016

I. Registering for EndNote Web

1. Register

2. Click on Create an account (upper left)

3. Enter your RPI email and password twice

4. Complete the fields

5. Password must be 8 or more characters; contain 1 numeral, 1 alpha character and at least 1 symbol

6. Click on I Agree

7. First name will appear on the upper right

EndNote Web YouTube Tutorial - Part I:

II. Using EndNote Web (from Web of Science) & MS Word

1. At Web of Science: Click on Sign In (upper right)

2. Search by Topic

3. Select citations for EndNote (box next to citation)

4. Click on Save to EndNote online

5. Click on Send

6. Get into EndNote from Tool Bar

7. Click Unfiled (left) - will display # of citations

8. Click on Bibliography (Under Format Tab)
Select Reference Unfiled (or other folder)
Select Bibliographic Style MLA (or other format)[need to customize list]
Select File Format RTF [for use in Word]

9. Click on Save

10. Click on Open

11. Using Cite While You Write

12. In Microsoft Word click on EndNote Web tab

13. Enter email and password

14. Put cursor where you need to cite the information

15. Click on magnifying glass to insert a citation in your document

16. Type author's name - doesn't have to be first author

17. Highlight citation you need and click insert

18. MLA (or other format) citation is inserted into document and added to bottom of document.

EndNote Web YouTube Tutorial - Part II:

III. Using EndNote Web (With Other Databases)

Online Searching (only for FREE resources ie.: PubMed & RPI catalog)

Note: "Connections to online databases through EndNote Web originate from the EndNote Web server rather than your connection, so IP authentication or proxy authentication will not take place,..."

1. Go to EndNote Web

2. Click on tab Collect - Online Search

3. Can customize this list

4. Select database & search

5. Select citations (box buttons)

6. Add to Group --> Unfiled (over citations)

7. Repeat steps 7 to 9 above

EndNote Web Tutorial - Part III:

IV. Importing References (Other Subscribed Databases)

1. Go to EndNote Web

2. Click on Import References (Under Collect)

3. Click on Select Favorites. Some resources do not need an import option, others need the EndNote Import option. Still others need options specific for their database. Consult the Import Formats web page

4. If you are collecting citations from our discovery tool these are exported directly to EndNote.

5. All databases hosted on the EBSCO platform are directly exported to EndNote. All databases hosted on the ProQuest platform and on WorldCat generate citations. Therefore there is no need to export ProQuest or WorldCat citations.

6. For other databases click on the Collect tab and select the correct import option. In some databases your citations will be saved to the desktop and you will need to click on the browser button next to File.

7. Click on the Format tab and select Bibliography

8. Customize the Bibliographic Style List.

9. Select your references, bibliographic style, and file format

EndNote Web Tutorial - Part IV:

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