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Current Awareness - Email Alerts

Posted: Oct 15, 2015

Current Awareness - Email Alerts


1. Register(upper right)
(Email will be sent to confirm)

2. Register (under Log In box)

3. Click on Log In - Upper Right

4. Click on My Profile - Upper Right

5. Browse by Subject (bottom of screen)

6. Choose subject (ie. Life Sciences)

7. Select sub-subject (ie. Cell & Molecular Biology)

8. All Cell & Molecular Biology (under Topics on right)

9. Click on Journals (on right under Publication type)

10. Select journal for alert (click on box)

11. Get E-mail alerts (bottom of page)


1. Click on plus sign next to Sign in (Top right)
Click on Not Registered (in blue)

2. Click on plus sign next to Sign in and Log In

3. Under Browse publication by subject - Select Subject --> Biochemistry, Genetics

4. Select All Journals from the All Publications drop-down

5. Select All Access types

6. Select a journal (left)

7. Subscribe to new article alerts (not available for all journals) --> Under journal image


1. Go to

2. Register- upper right

3. New User - create new account

4. Type in email address/password

5. Click on Manage Alerts (under your name - upper right)

6. Click on Browse by Subject (in blue)

7. Click on Life Sciences

8. Click on Microbiology

9. Select Journals

10. Click on Update (bottom right).

Current Awareness YouTube Tutorial

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