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How to Submit Materials for Class Reserve

Posted: Feb 26, 2017

Use the CLASS RESERVE SET UP form to list all assigned and suggested readings with complete bibliographic information (author, book or journal title, date etc.). Whenever practical, specific book chapters should be identified.

CLASS RESERVE SET UP forms are processed in order of receipt and should be submitted to the Service Desk well before the start of classes to allow time for loan recall and ordering.

Library staff will advise you when requested materials are not readily available. You can check on the availability of requested materials by looking at the course's listing in the CLASS RESERVE database.

Although the libraries will "rush order" books that are not in their collections, suppliers sometimes take 4-6 weeks or longer to fill orders. Obtaining copyright permissions can also take several weeks. Books ordered for Class Reserve use are charged to regular library departmental book budgets. The Libraries do not purchase either undergraduate textbooks currently in use at Rensselaer or multiple copies of other books for class reserve use.

Personal copies of books and journals submitted for Class Reserve use receive the same handling as library materials. However, the Libraries cannot guarantee replacement in case of loss or damage. Unfortunately, interlibrary loan protocol prohibits use of this service to obtain materials for class reserve purposes.

You may either submit single copies of journal articles and book chapters or request that library staff provide a single copy from library collections. Whenever possible, the libraries will link to electronic versions of documents if licensing agreements or "fair use" practices permit.

All electronic versions of copyrighted material that you submit must comply with U.S. Copyright Law "fair use" guidelines, as well as with licensing agreements. Library staff will review these materials for compliance and advise you of infringement issues. More information about acceptable use of copyrighted or licensed materials for classroom teaching is included in the libraries' Compliance Policies webpage.

Copyright law clearly prohibits the creation or replacement of existing anthologies; replication of workbooks, exercise sheets or standardized tests etc., and photocopying may neither substitute for purchase of copyrighted material nor be repeated by the same teacher from term to term. (Reuse of photocopies requires contacting copyright holders for permission to use the material.)

When necessary (e.g. for journal articles that are not part of the Libraries' collections), library staff will try to obtain use permission through the Copyright Clearance Center and charge any subsequent royalty costs to library departmental book funds. If permission to use materials is not granted, you will be notified, and the material returned to you.

Homework Solutions

Use the Homework Set Up form the first time that you submit problem sets, homework answers, lecture notes etc. Use the Add Form form for subsequent submissions.

Electronic copies in pdf format of weekly problem sets, homework answers, lecture notes, exams etc. should be submitted at least two (2) days in advance of their use. These materials should be identified on the ADD FORM by Course Title and Number, Faculty Name, and Type of Material:

e.g.. LUMPS (20220) - Smith - Homework - Chapters 3 & 4.

Unless you explicitly provide other instructions, your submission of personally authored materials authorizes the library to make a temporary electronic copy available to the Rensselaer community via its CLASS RESERVE database. This is considered as a "free will, limited distribution agreement."

The Libraries recommend that you include a clear statement of copyright ownership on all personally authored materials submitted.

Increased library workloads during the start up of classes and final examinations may cause processing delays.

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