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Subsidiary, Branch, Affiliate, Division, or Joint Venture

Posted: Aug 20, 2015

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Subsidiary, Branch, Affiliate, Division, or Joint Venture
(Examples and definitions from LexisNexis Academic and Directory of Corporate Affiliations - Nov. 2011)

  • Parent - A company that operates and controls other separately chartered businesses.
    Example: Hershey Co (Hershey, PA) is the parent company of Y & S Candies (Lancaster, PA).
  • Subsidiary: An organization with stock that is over 50% owned by another company, the parent company.
    Example - Dagoba Organic Chocolate (Ashland, OR) is a subsidiary of Hershey Chocolate and Confectionary Company (Hershey, PA).
  • Branch - A secondary location of a business. A branch carries the parent company name and reports to the company headquarters.
    Example: GE Commercial Finance of Puerto Rico (Branch) - (San Juan, PR)
  • Affiliate - A separately chartered business whose shares are owned by one or more companies, with the level of ownership by any one company generally less than 50 percent.
    Example: C&T Corporation - (Seoul, Korea (South) is an affiliate of Samsung Group Seoul,Korea (South).
  • Division - A separate operating unit of a corporation. A division may have its own officers, but it is not incorporated and does not issue stock. Divisions often have a commonly known business name that is different from the parent company name.
    Example: GE Industrial - Plaineville, CT (Division) of General Electric Company - Fairfield, CT
  • Joint Venture - A business in which 2 or more companies share responsibility and ownership.
    Example: DuPont Performance Elastomers LLC (Joint Venture) - Wilmington, DE

Use the following databases to find a Subsidiary, Branch, Affiliate, Division, or Joint Venture.

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