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Standard & Poor's ExecuComp

Posted: Feb 23, 2011


The ExecuComp Database offers objective executive compensation data including current, historic and total compensation. Use compensation data to identify trends in the industry and to tie a company's performance to actual compensation levels. Features include executive options and compensation of industry peers, and comprehensive executive compensation data on the top officers for the S&P 1500 Index (including inactive, current and previous members).

Please Note:
Access is limited to current Rensselaer faculty, students and staff.

License Agreement

Use of Standard & Poor's ExecuComp Database is restricted to current Rensselaer faculty, students and staff for academic use only.

In downloading the Standard & Poor's ExecuComp database, and according to the terms of the subscription agreement, you must agree that upon the expiration of the terms of the ExecuComp Subscription Agreement, you will:

  • Return all Standard & Poor’s ExecuComp materials (data, manuals, etc.)
  • Expunge all Standard & Poor’s ExecuComp data from your PC/system.

If YOU AGREE to this license agreement, click here to continue to the ExecuComp download installation page and client support. You will be prompted for your RCS userid and password. If you do not know your RCS userid and password, please contact Academic and Research Computing.

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