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Faculty Departmental Library Representatives and Library Materials Selectors

Posted: Jul 17, 2017

School/Center Department Library Materials Selector Faculty Rep
Architecture Architecture Elizabeth Buckley Michael Oatman
Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center EMPAC Jen Monger Michael Century
Engineering Biomedical Engineering Andrea Byrne Xun Wang
Chemical and Biological Engineering Andrea Byrne Nihat Baysal
Civil Engineering Andrea Byrne Thomas Zimmie
Environmental Engineering Andrea Byrne Chip Kilduff
Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering Andrea Byrne Ishwara B. Bhat
Industrial and Systems Engineering Andrea Byrne Charles Malmborg
Materials Science and Engineering Andrea Byrne Rahmi Ozisik
Mechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering Andrea Byrne Henry Scarton
Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences Arts Jen Monger Michael Century
Cognitive Science John Dojka Ralph Noble
Economics Pat Hults Faye Duchin
Communication and Media John Dojka Ellen Esrock
Music Andrew White Michael Century
Science & Technology Studies John Dojka Linnda Caporael
Lally School of Management & Technology Management Pat Hults Timothy Golden
Science Biology Pat Hults Harry Roy
Chemistry & Chemical Biology Pat Hults K.V. Lakshmi
Computer Science Pat Hults Bulent Yener
Earth & Environmental Science Pat Hults Daniele Cherniak
Information Technology Pat Hults David Spooner
Mathematics Pat Hults Gregor Kovacic
Physics Pat Hults Ingrid Wilke

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