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Posted: Feb 9, 2017

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General Information About Searching the Catalog

Searching | Search Tips

If you know the author or title

Enter the name or your search words, select "Theses" from the middle drop-down box and then select either "Keyword Author" or "Keyword Title" from the right-most drop-down box.

To search by department

Enter a word(s) from the department's name, e.g. "Chemistry" or "Materials Science;" then select "Theses" in the middle drop-down box and "Keyword Author" from the right-most drop-down box. If you are looking for older theses, remember that department names change over time, e.g. Environmental and Earth Science used to be Geology.

Electronic theses

All recent Rensselaer Ph.D dissertations (starting in December 2006) and Master's theses (starting in December 2007) are available as PDFs and may be found in either the Libraries' Catalog or in the Rensselaer Digital Collections databases.

For more information about the availability of Rensselaer theses as well as how to search for dissertations from other universities, see the Subject Guide Theses and Dissertations

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