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Library Vision Statement

Posted: Dec 16, 2010

As Rensselaer moves towards its goal of achieving prominence as a top-tier world class technological research university, the Libraries’ vision is to support the Rensselaer Plan by providing seamless access to the widest possible spectrum of information resources relevant to Rensselaer’s research and learning communities and to be a distinctive campus facility serving a variety of community needs.


The strategies to achieve the Libraries’ vision include

  • Continuing the revitalization and refurbishment of the Folsom Library by creating collaborative learning and social spaces aimed at enabling learning and discovery;
  • Working with campus and external committees to review and advise on library plans, strategies, policies and practices relating to its resources, services and the integration of programs with the university community;
  • Creating a dynamic organizational structure responsive to the demands for developing and maintaining 21st century library services;
  • Maintaining a continuous evaluation program of collections to create programmatic space and facilitate ease of access to resources;
  • Facilitating the preservation of unique digital works of long term value to Rensselaer, e.g. dissertations and theses;
  • Participating in the promotion and development of library consortia, particularly ConnectNY and NYSHEI;
  • Exploiting new technologies to empower researchers to become effective and self-sufficient information seekers;
  • Seeking mechanisms for expanding the engagement of faculty, researchers and students in the selection of information resources;
  • Working with Institute Advancement on development opportunities to increase library endowments; and
  • Collaborating with campus organizations to sponsor programs and events celebrating intellectual achievement and creativity.

Details about how the Libraries implement these strategies appear in the annual Performance Plan of the Division of the Chief Information Officer.

Library collections and facilities are resources to be shared and used cooperatively by members of the Rensselaer community. As stewards of those resources, the Rensselaer Libraries strive to provide services and follow policies that are in concert with the values of intellectual freedom and the tenets of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.

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